The test methods in ASTM D297 are used to perform a chemical analysis of rubber, evaluating the chemical composition in natural and synthetic crude rubbers. There are two categories of test methods used:

  • General tests – used to identify the type and amount of chemical components that exist in a rubber product and identifies the rubber polymer content (via ASTM D792)
  • Specific tests – used to identify specific rubber polymers that are present in a rubber product including crude, unvulcanized, reclaimed, and vulcanized rubbers

Test Details

General test methods are covered in Part A of the standard. They are listed as the following:

  • Rubber Polymer Content by Indirect Method (via ASTM D792)
  • Determinations and Report for the General Method
  • Density
  • Extract Analysis
  • Sulfur Analysis
  • Fillers Analysis
  • Ash Analysis

Specific test methods are covered in Part B of the standard and include Determination of Rubber Polymers.

Please note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference ASTM D297 Standard Test Method for Rubber Products – Chemical Analysis. Please refer to ASTM International for full details and the most current revision.

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