Axial-torsional testing is crucial for validating the real-world performance of materials or products that undergo rotational motion when in service.
This type of testing is conducted to assess how a product or material will respond to the stress of repeated twisting motion. Different testing profiles measure the sample’s strength, performance, and endurance when subjected to a specified tension or compression load.
Bushings, mounts, tie rods, vibration dampeners, medical products and devices, and polymer materials may require this type of dynamic fatigue testing, along with many other products and materials.

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The Smithers product and rubber testing laboratories  are equipped with instrumentation to conduct axial, torsional, or combined axial-torsion tests. The instrument is compatible with a large range of fixtures and extensions, so our team can design and configure custom test setups for both static and dynamic testing of many products and materials. The equipment capabilities include:
  • Force capacity up to ±25 kN (±5620 lbf)
  • Torque capacity of ±100 Nm (800 in-lb)
  • 100 mm (4 in) of usable axial stroke
  • ±130° of rotation
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