Our environmental exposure capabilties at our rubber and plastic testing labs include variables such as temperature, humidity, UV, and Xenon Arc chambers to test in the harshest of lab conditions. 

Physical and mechanical properties can be studied extensively through a myriad of internationally recognized standard test protocols. While data from any combination of these material property tests can provide you with a good picture of a given material's expected performance, our experts can work with you to develop a custom testing program designed to meet your program's goals. 

In addition, Smithers polymer testing laboratories are able to not only excise samples from most whole products, but our internal small batch mixing and molding capabilities can assist you in providing the most appropriate samples for the testing program. 

Our global materials testing team carries many years of industry experience to support your next polymer materials mechanical and phsyical testing program. Speak to us today to get started. 

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Polymer Physical Testing

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