Accelerated ultraviolet exposure, commonly known as UV testing, can be carried out to understand how polymer materials withstand the damaging effects of UV light. This includes color change, reduction in performance characteristics, brittleness and much more. 

Smithers has the capability to simulate various test conditions, including light intensity, rain, condensation, humidity and temperature. Filters are used to simulate exposure behind window glass.
Xenon-arc exposure
Xenon-arc lamps are used to replicate the full spectrum of natural sunlight. These lamps are specified for life prediction with the test duration based on a dosage rate depending on the required service life and geographic region. 
Fluorescent light exposure
Fluorescent lamps only replicate the UV spectrum from natural sunlight but offer a cost-effective method to evaluate UV resistance. For the same aging period, fluorescent lamps are considered to be slightly more aggressive compared with Xenon arc.

UV aging tests are best carried out on a comparative basis with characteristics measured before, during and after exposure: To quantity changes, Smithers can support with:

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Common Standards for Weathering and UV Testing

  • ASTM G154 - Standard practice for operating fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamp apparatus for exposure of non-metallic materials
  • ASTM G155 - Standard practice for operating Xenon arc lamp apparatus for exposure of materials
  • ASTM D2565 - Standard Practice for Xenon-Arc Exposure of Plastics Intended for Outdoor Applications
  • ASTM D4459 - Standard Practice for Xenon-Arc Exposure of Plastics Intended for Indoor Applications
  • ASTM D4329 - Standard Practice for Fluorescent Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Apparatus Exposure of Plastics
  • BS EN ISO 4892-2 - Plastics. Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources. Part 2 – Xenon-arc lamps
  • BS EN ISO 4892-3 - Plastics. Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources. Part 3 - Fluorescent UV lamps
  • BS ISO 4665 - Rubber, vulcanised or thermoplastic. Resistance to weathering.
  • MIL-STD-810G Method 505.6
  • DEF STAN 00-35 Part 3 Issue 4 Chapter 3-03
  • SAE J2527

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Our experts have years of experience conducting industry standard testing protocols and designing custom programs to meet your needs. The lab is equipped to produce repeatable data under controlled variables, ensuring the most accurate assessment of your product’s performance under specific conditions.
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