Daniel Spearman

Project Manager in United Kingdom specialising in Packaging and Distribution Testing

Working from the Smithers Distribution Testing Laboratory in Leatherhead, UK, Daniel has gained a high level of technical knowledge and established himself as an expert in distribution testing. Daniel works with a wide range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, fast-moving consumer goods and electronics.

Distribution testing expertise

Daniel has managed numerous projects within the laboratory and has extensive knowledge of the performance of primary and secondary packaging which he relates back to real world pack functionality.

Test method development

In addition to standard distribution testing, Daniel has experience developing bespoke test methods to replicate client specific distribution pathways.  Previous projects have ranged from large-scale palletised distribution to smaller scale shipper or product specific distribution.

Environmental testing

As the Scientist in the Distribution Testing laboratory, Daniel is the first point of contact for all environmental testing projects.  These include temperature / humidity conditioning studies (cyclic or static); shock or effective free fall drop tests; test sequences requiring measured accelerometer responses; and vibration testing above 300 Hz.

Battery testing

Daniel is also responsible for any testing of batteries or cells against the requirements of chapter 38.3 of the Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria.

Qualifications and Professional Accreditation:

Daniel’s technical experience is supported by his honours degree in Physics from King’s College London.

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