Materials Science and Engineering Division

Location(s) Standard / Organization Certificate / Registered Number (where applicable) Accrediting / Registration Body
Akron, USA (Market Street)  ISO 17025 363.01 and 363.02 A2LA
Akron, USA (S. Main St.) FDA FEI # 3014747009 FDA
Akron, USA (Market Street - Materials Testing) NADCAP Certificate # 12211210120  
Brimley, USA ISO 17025 363.03 A2LA
Lansing, USA ISO 17025 363.06 A2LA
Lansing, USA (Distribution Testing) International Safe Transit Association 2170 ISTA
Leatherhead, UK (Distribution Testing) International Safe Transit Association 2063 ISTA
Leatherhead, UK  ISO 17025 112 UKAS
Ravenna, USA ISO 17025 363.03 A2LA
Ravenna, USA ISO 17025 363.04 A2LA
Ravenna, USA National Tire Reference Laboratory for Rolling Resistance - NHTSA
Shawbury, UK FDA FEI # 3011161827 FDA
Shawbury, UK ISO 17025 67 UKAS
Shawbury, UK (Calibration) ISO 17025 306 UKAS
Shawbury, UK  Category A and D Technical Service   VCA
Suzhou, China ISO 17025 363.05 A2LA

UK Quality Manager - Richard Barlow
US Quality Manager - James Littlefield 
China Quality Manager -

Pharmaceutical Development Services Division

Pharmaceutical Development Services DivisionTesting and calibration laboratories that operate under quality systems accredited by A2LA and UKAS are also operating in accordance with ISO 9001.


Quality Assessments Division

ANAB Accredited - ISO/IEC 17201-1:2015  Certification Number: SQA-1252099-170518 
International Automotive Task Force (IATF) Recognition Certificate Number IAOB-1007

Environmental Risk Sciences Division

Harrogate, UK: OECD GLP-Compliant, UK MHRA.
Wareham, MA and Snow Camp, NC: GLP-Compliant, US EPA & US FDA.

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