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When working with new compounds and sustainable, often recyclate based material formulations, it can be difficult to conduct testing of your materials before they are used in their intended application.

Using our polymer expertise and small-scale processing capabilities our experts can mold test bars and plaques for further testing and characterize the material’s mechanical properties and chemical makeup, utilizing key industry equipment including:

Rondol 21mm Twin-Screw compounder – 40 L/Ds
  • Co-rotating twin screw for optimized dispersion
  • Single & twin screw side feeding
  • Throughput rates up to 10kg per hour.
  • Trial sizes down to 1kg or material
  • Rondol Pelletiser
  • Potential for liquid feed
  • Brabender FW33 volumetric feeder
  • Side-feed options 
Arburg Injection Molding Machines – 25mt and 100mt
  • Test bar and Plaque tools for mechanical testing samples
  • Can take other suitable mold tools
Single Screw Cast Film Extrusion

Find out more about how Smithers can help with your batch release testing and support for sustainable materials by contacting an expert.
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