Support includes developing methods and trialling batch molding of your polymers using various levels and types of recyclate.

Support for successful molding and extrusion

Polymer properties and behavior vary considerably with differing levels of recyclate. It is therefore vital to understand the physical properties of your sustainable materials, and the tolerances of your product to ensure that the molding or extrusion process is successful.

Recycled materials can have lower performance levels due to previous use and this can be further affected by contamination - but it is possible to offset these factors. Any selection and feasibility assessment for manufacturing use of material with recycled content should include the determination of mechanical properties and screening for contaminants.

How can Smithers help

Using our industry-leading facilities and experienced team, Smithers is able to support you in developing methods, and trialling batch molding of your polymers using various levels and types of recyclate, including:
  • Exploring temperatures, methods and configurations for production
  • Compounding small quantities of materials you are developing
  • Optimizing percentages of materials, including recyclates, talc and minerals in your compounds for performance
  • Achieving required heat deflection temperature (HDT), stiffness, shrinkage and heat resistance properties
  • Material characterization on pellets, molded test bars and plaques
Contact Smithers today if you would like to find out more about this service and how our experts can support the development of your sustainable materials.
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