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Smithers offers Tailored Account Services designed to meet the unique requirements of certified companies with multiple locations and/or standards. Organizations looking to streamline supplier management, bring consistency to their audit experience, create certification management efficiencies and identify potential cost savings trust Smithers for accurate, on-time and high-touch service.

Certificate Consolidation Solutions

Our consolidation solutions offer significant advantages as you face your certification management challenges. The benefits of consolidating your certifications with Smithers include:
  • Creating a consistent audit experience across your locations
  • Empowering your teams with tools and resources to easily manage your audits and certifications
  • Identifying process efficiencies and realizing potential cost savings
  • Working with a dedicated project management and auditing team trained to support your management system(s)
  • Reducing your supplier base and balancing vendor agreements
With Smithers, you can execute a supplier consolidation strategy combined with the certificate management solution you need.

Smithers Quality Assessments Client Portal 

Smithers’ Quality Assessments Client Portal is a fully interactive and secure web-based resource giving certified clients the ability to manage their audit scheduling, monitor audit results and gain valuable insights. Our audit certifications portal allows you to:

  • View the status of a single audit, or all audits at once, in real-time
  • Gain local, regional and global views of your certification process
  • Access and download audit plans, audit reports and copies of your certificates
  • View and respond to nonconformances
  • Monitor nonconformance trends over time by location and standard
  • Receive automated notifications when actions are required and completed
  • Enjoy unlimited access to Smithers' resource library
Combined with our industry-leading quality certification services, our client portal gives you the control you need over your auditing process.

Pricing Models 

Foundationally, Smithers believes in fair, upfront and "no-surprises pricing." As a client of Smithers' Tailored Account Services, you can expect competitive audit and certification pricing that makes it easy to forecast, budget and plan. No surprises, hidden fees or automatic annual pricing escalators. Smithers can offer pricing model customization options that align with the level of service provided as well as your organizational requirements.

Smithers Tailored Account Services

Technical Expertise

Smithers offers clients a level of technical expertise and performance excellence unmatched in the certification body marketplace.

Along with our Tailored Account Services, Smithers continues to maintain a premier technical performance level within the overall third-party assessment scheme as well as a low risk overall with industry stakeholders and accreditation bodies.

Why does this matter?

As a certified organization, you never want your certification to be at risk because of your certification body's lack of performance.

Smithers has continued to sustain and, in some cases, increase our involvement in various industry technical groups:
  • International Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR)
  • Working Committee on Auditor Apprenticeship program (IAAR)
  • International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) RMC (Registration Management Committee)
  • AS9104-3 Writing Committee
  • US TAG 176 (writing committee for ISO 9001)
  • Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) membership
  • Founding member of the International Automotive Certification Bodies Association (IACBA) and Smithers team members serve on the Board of Directors as well as in the role of former chairperson.

Why does this matter?

Smithers believes Certification Bodies should be expected to involve themselves in the promotion of standards and this offers advantages to our clients through important and valuable technical insights.

Relationship Management Approach

Smithers believes in a Relationship Management model that ultimately drives toward a "relational"-value relationship with all our clients.

Smithers Tailored Account Services

Smithers also believes there is a very basic foundation for offering third-party conformity assessments. Often, our competitors fail to satisfy this first level; meanwhile, we consistently strive to achieve the third level.

Smithers Tailored Account Services

Smithers views client partnerships as a business relationship based on:

  • Open and frequent communication
  • Accessibility of the supporting team members
  • Flexibility to manage and adapt to change
  • Mutual benefit through the support of shared goals
  • Measurable results

Customer Service and Net Promoter Score

With a customer satisfaction score of 96% year over year and a Net Promoter Score that far exceeds industry average, Smithers continues to deliver on our founding promise of exceptional, high touch responsiveness and overall customer service. 

Smithers Tailored Account Services

Contact Smithers for the Supplier Consolidation and Certificate Management Solutions You Need

Smithers offers unparalleled certificate management solutions, complete with a solid supplier consolidation strategy. Take the first step today to take advantage of our Tailored Account Services.

Step 1: Contact Us to schedule a call with our team at your convenience.

Step 2: During the call, we will work with you to gather some basic information and better understand your certification structure, locations, audit durations and answer any questions you might have.

Step 3: Our experts will help analyze the information you provided and determine where Smithers Tailored Account Services can benefit your organization.

Step 4: If our team can identify benefits, we will prepare a comprehensive proposal and send a project plan for your review. If our team cannot identify clear benefits, we will schedule time to review our findings with you.

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