What is an Integrated Management System Audit?

An Integrated Management System Audit is a comprehensive approach towards reviewing the performance of an organization's management system. This audit brings together different ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 into a single audit process. The objective of an Integrated Management System Audit is to assess the effectiveness of an organization's management system and its ability to meet various requirements set forth by the selected ISO standards. By conducting an integrated audit, organizations can benefit from reduced audit time and costs, as well as the opportunity to identify potential issues and gaps in multiple systems.

The Benefits of an Integrated Management System Audit 

If your organization has committed to a management system that integrates the processes for multiple standards, then an IMS audit can provide a reduction in overall audit duration and therefore certification costs. Additional benefits can include reduced disruption to your business, less documentation, fewer and simpler processes, and improved alignment of objectives across different systems. And of course the primary goal of the assessment activity, which is to help ensure that the quality of your products and services meets the requirements of your customers and other stakeholders.

Smithers Experienced Integrated Management System Auditing Team 

An effective integrated management system audit starts with auditors that have the required experience conducting IMS audits. Smithers has a team of experienced auditors that will provide you with a thorough, fair and accurate audit experience.. Our team is up-to-date on the standards and receives regular training to, ensure that your audits deliver the information you need to achieve certification and maintain conformance.

Integrated Management System Certification Process

We strive to make the auditing and certification process as smooth as possible. Our integrated management system auditing services feature  our industry-leading Client Portal technology, allowing you anytime-access to your audit schedule, reports, and certificates in real-time.   Supporting our auditors and our clients, our full-time back-office team is available to help provide the answers you need. Our goal is to provide you accurate data, on-time, with high-touch service.

Getting Started with an Integrated Management System Audit

Whether you're looking to comply with regulatory requirements, boost customer satisfaction, or enhance your company's reputation, and your organization is seeking ISO certification to multiple standards, an Integrated Management System Audit can provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations that can help your organization thrive.

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