Having Trouble Scheduling an IATF 16949 Audit with Your Certification Body? We Can Help.

Having Trouble Scheduling an IATF 16949 Audit with Your Certification Body? We Can Help.

We understand that Automotive Quality Managers are under immense pressure to keep their production lines moving. The last thing they need is difficulty scheduling and managing an IATF 16949 audit. But the reality is, these audits are necessary to maintain certification, which is often required for any organization that wants to supply parts or materials to the automotive industry.
That's where Smithers comes in. We can help ease the burden by expertly, and efficiently scheduling your next IATF 16949 audit.

Why are IATF 16949 Audits Becoming Harder to Schedule?

Due in large part to the growth and adoption of the IATF 16949 standard over the years in the automotive industry, and the increasingly high bar auditors must clear in training and competency requirements, qualified IATF auditors are in high demand.
As a result, certification bodies are finding it increasingly difficult to schedule IATF 16949 audits, as they must now take into account a wider range of factors that were not previously considered in years past.

Recently, Smithers has received a number of inquiries regarding IATF 16949 certified companies that are having trouble scheduling audits with their current certification bodies. The aforementioned resource challenges are a big reason as to why.
At a bare minimum, it's important to work with a team of experts who understand the ins and outs of IATF 16949 standard and can help you schedule an audit that minimizes disruptions to your operations, and already has invested in a strong pool of auditors.
We have years of experience working as a certification body and understand the requirements and processes. We'll work with you to develop a schedule that fits your needs and ensures that your audit is conducted smoothly and on time.

Smithers Quality Assessments Can Help You Get Scheduled for an IATF 16949 Audit

Scheduling an IATF 16949 audit does not have to be a daunting task. However, with the recertification cycle starting in 2023, we recommend contacting us today to secure your auditing resources. From there, our team of experts, including the necessary IATF 16949 auditors, will work with you to ensure that your organization is ready and scheduled for its next audit.
Don't let the scheduling of your IATF 16949 audit interrupt your business. We can help your take care of the details so you can focus on running your business.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can get your IATF 16949 audit on the books!

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