How to Make an ISO Certification Transfer

How to Make an ISO Certification Transfer

In one way or another, we’ve all been there before.

A service provider or company that we do business with suddenly closes its doors or transitions away from a solution that it once offered. Sometimes, it comes in the form of new ownership, logistical challenges, or a few instances of underwhelming customer service that leads us to consider our alternatives. And, in some cases, it’s simply time for a fresh start.

Whichever reason most closely resembles your current situation, or even if it’s something that wasn’t mentioned, in these instances, all roads tend to point toward the same eventual destination: Change.

So, can ISO certification be transferred? The same rule applies when considering a transfer of ISO certifications or standards from one accredited certification body to another, but keep in mind that change can be a good thing.

Here are 3 things to take a closer look at before selecting a new registrar to transfer your ISO certifications or quality management systems to:

The Transfer of Your ISO Certification or Management System Doesn’t Have to Be Scary or Difficult

In fact, finding a registrar that stresses a simple, straightforward, and “No Surprises” approach toward transfers should be at the top of your list. Whenever you’re entering into a new partnership with an accredited certification body, your chosen service provider should take great care in presenting you with processes that are easy to follow, respectful of your time, and simple to execute.

Additionally, accurate communication and honest expectations are key to both parties’ long-term success together. It may have been said best in our past blog post, “Great Expectations: What to Expect from Your Registrar Provider”:

When choosing ISO registrars, there should be clear expectations with an organization’s selection on the ‘right’ partner. It’s important to understand realistic expectations and questions to ask before forming a partnership. 

It’s Worth the Effort to Seek Out ISO Registrars That Offer Responsive & Proactive Customer Service

ISO certification itself is a highly communicative process with strict deadlines, so why should your certification body be any different? More specifically, shouldn’t one of your registrar’s top priorities be to provide you with timely, consistent, and thoughtful communication when it comes to customer service? We think so, particularly when you consider the industry that we’re talking about, and the importance it places on timely execution.

Look at an ISO transfer to a registrar that offers you a dedicated contact, one that can truly get to know your business and can build a stronger relationship. Also, make sure that they provide a wealth of resources at your disposal, ala - FAQ’s, training documentation or videos, and potentially a customer portal - not only to educate yourself should you so choose, but also to create multiple avenues for customers to communicate and interact.

Experience and Overall Integrity

One thing that should stand out when looking into a new certification body to transfer your standard or quality management system to is their experience level and depth of knowledge. The registrars that go that extra mile in getting to know the industries they serve are usually the ones that rise to the top.

For instance, check to see if they sit on industry boards, participate in committees, attend industry specific events, or if they offer testimonials/referrals that are industry-specific. Then, find out how long they’ve been around. Time and experience are often life’s greatest teachers, and chances are good that a well-established registrar will be able to provide a better, more tailored solution while avoiding mistakes that less experienced registrars may make.

Whatever direction you decide to go when considering transferring your ISO certification or standard, there can be real value in doing your homework and getting to know a registrar, and how they can accommodate your specific business needs. That way, you’ll only have to go through an ISO transfer once.

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