Webinar: Tire Components 105: Rubber Body Components

Webinar: Tire Components 105: Rubber Body Components

Original Run Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 | download below >

Learn about the components of a radial tire in this ongoing webinar series from the tire experts at Smithers.
In this latest webinar, Smithers experts Bruce Lambillotte and Brad Sellers will deliver an overview on rubber body components of the radial tire. This will include:
  • Bead area components: chafers, rimstrips, bead fillers, and bead insulation. These components provide lower sidewall stiffness, abrasion resistance at rim-contact areas, and intercomponent adhesions at the bead wire. Bead area components also prevent compression set.
  • Innerliners. Innerliners are primarily responsible for limiting air diffusion and maintaining inflation pressure. Innerliners also limit moisture diffusion from air inflation sources into the body of the tire structure.
The agenda includes materials and compounding considerations for bead area components and innerliners as it relates to tire performance. Bruce and Brad also share design and manufacturing perspectives on these components. Finally, the team will give an overview on physical and chemical testing methods for these components.
This webinar series was created as a resource for tire industry professionals looking to develop a functional understanding of the radial tire. The series is an excellent training or orientation tool for technical and non-technical professionals, including early-in-career engineers and chemists, sales and marketing staff, managers, technicians, and more.


About the Presenters

Bruce Lambillotte

With over 42 years of experience in the rubber and tire industry, Bruce has expertise in rubber compounding, tire formulation, polymer chemistry and characterization, physical properties of elastomer materials, polymer product failure analysis, tire reinforcements, and product and process development. In his most recent position at Vice President of Technical Consulting, Bruce is responsible for analytical and physical properties problem solving at Smithers. 

Brad Sellers

Brad Sellers, Associate Consultant, joined the Smithers team in 2014. He specializes in tire problem and data analysis, focused on developing action plans and helping clients implement solutions that address their development, quality, and performance challenges and needs. He has significant experience providing exceptional customer service in a technical setting and proven skills in failure analysis, project planning, patent research, and secondary technical research.

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