Smithers is a world leader in laboratory measurement of tire performance, and we recognize the need for subjective evaluation. Potential purchasers of new cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs will not judge your product by numeric data; they will drive your vehicle and form their own opinions. These opinions may be shaped by the interaction between human and machine. For example, resonance of different interior panels—steering wheel, seat bottom, floor pan, as well as acoustics—will influence the customer’s perception of ride performance.

Some tire characteristics are difficult to characterize in the laboratory. Limit handling, non-linearity, crispness, perception of yaw center location, steering feel, and sound tonality when traversing different pavement and surface types are difficult to predict in a laboratory or from only component testing.

Smithers evaluators are experienced in working with many different OEMs and can effectively help your design staff produce tires to meet OE requirements and use OE technology to leapfrog your competition.
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