A tire is one of the most complex, engineered products on the market today. There are many factors you must consider when choosing the tires you wish to stock. And, if you are importing those tires, you must consider your legal obligations as the importer of record. Up front evaluations of tire options can be used to initially choose your stocking units, but in order to maintain quality and meet customer expectations going forward, you must continually validate and verify your tire supply. There can be real and opportunity costs associated with poor quality and customer satisfaction. 

Our tire consultants bring many years of practical experience in the tire industry covering everything from raw material choices to tire dynamics and on-vehicle performance. The team can assist your purchasing and technical evaluation teams with preparing a comprehensive plan to evaluate your purchased tires on a regular basis. Typical tire supply audits can include: Depending on your situation and internal quality control requirements, our team can design a consulting program to assist your team with a verification and on-going audit program. In addition, they can review testing and evaluation results with your team to provide guidance for future buying decisions. 

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Download our webinar below to get a better understanding of how our consultants will approach a tire supply audit project. It gives many helpful areas to consider when developing ongoing purchasing and quality programs
Webinar - Validating Tire Quality
Tire Audit Checklist
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