Analytical phases of OECD 501, OECD 502 and OECD 503 metabolism studies  are performed in our laboratories by expert and experienced staff. Total radioactive residue, extractions, matrix clean-up, isolations, and characterization / radioprofiles of the incurred residue are tailored and performed to satisfy routine and challenging projects with exceptional care and quality.
Elucidating the structure of novel metabolites is often technically challenging and requires the attention of experienced metabolite ID chemists. Our laboratories contain advanced chromatographic and mass spectrometry equipment, which provide an efficient metabolite profiling and identification service.

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Plant Metabolism
Crop studies are conducted to determine the nature and amount of pesticide residue in crops. Our plant metabolism experts conduct in-life phase on site in our greenhouses or in the field with trusted partner sites.

  • Plant metabolism studies in all crop groups
  • Confined rotational crop studies
  • Greenhouse radiolabeled studies 
  • Outdoor radiolabeled studies 
  • Formulation preparation (EC, SC, WP, etc.)
  • Processing and stability investigations
  • Translocation investigations

Livestock Animal Metabolism
We conduct the in-life phase of animal metabolism studies, in cow, goat, and poultry, at partner facilities. We work with sponsors to design and plan every detail of a study to best meet the product development and/or regulatory compliance needs. 

In vitro metabolism
Use of in vitro studies to provide comparative metabolism information is a powerful tool that is both faster and more cost effective than in vivo studies. Smithers is at the forefront of both exploratory and regulated in vitro approaches for both plants and animals.

  • Species comparative metabolism
  • New metabolite identification
  • Metabolic stability
  • Early evaluation of metabolism
  • Production of standards
  • Whole cells, extracts, subcellular fractions
  • Tissue extracts

Analytical Capabilities

  • Triple-quadrupole Sciex 4000 QTRAP, full-scan MS, MS/MS, and MS3spectra with high selectivity from true triple quadrupole precursor ion (PI), and neutral loss (NL), and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) scans.
  • Accurate mass Sciex Triple TOF 5600 and 5600+, high-resolution and high mass-accuracy MS/MS data using powerful IDA algorithms and high-resolution, accurate-mass MS and MS/MS.The systems have the latest data interrogation software from Sciex.
  • Thermo Orbitrap-based Q-Exactive High Resolution Accurate Mass (HR/AM) mass spectrometer coupled with the latest Lablogic β-RAM Model 5 for concurrent radio-profiling. The system utilizes polarity switching with either data dependent MS/MS (dd-MS2) or All Ion Fragmentation (AIF) ensuring maximum information for each sample. This coupled with the latest data interrogation software from Thermo (Compound Discover) and ACD/Labs Metasense platform provides our experts with powerful analytical tools.

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