Webinar: Practical Approaches to Separation of Stereoisomers

Webinar: Practical Approaches to Separation of Stereoisomers

Guidance from EFSA on risk assessments for active substances that contain stereoisomers provides recommended approaches to address and assess data requirements for active substances containing isomers.

The use of 2D‑HPLC to couple reverse phase profiling methods with reverse phase chiral methods along with tandem mass spectrometry enables the investigation of chiral profiles of agrochemicals and their metabolites without the need for separate isomer studies or extensive sample isolation, workup, and subsequent chiral chromatography.

This one-hour webinar discusses the practical application of 2D reverse phase-chiral separations and their potential to become a routine approach to analysis in environmental fate and metabolism studies and approaches that can be used in residue analysis and supporting analytical data for ecotoxicology studies.

Date: View On-Demand Recording (Live date: July 29, 2020)

About our Presenter: Rory Mumford

With nearly 20 years in contract research, Rory is responsible for Environmental Fate and Metabolism studies, managing the Metabolism team at our Harrogate, UK laboratory. He is currently developing in vitro assays in support of human comparative metabolism and using in vitro techniques as a tool to aid metabolite identification in plant and animal studies.

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Poster Publication

SETAC Europe Presentation: The Application of 2D HPLC to Address the Need to Investigate the Chiral Profile of Active Ingredients and Their Metabolites in Environmental Fate and Metabolism Studies
Meet our Experts: Rory Mumford
Meet our Experts: Environmental Fate and Metabolism - Harrogate Team

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