Smithers microbiological contaminants test mimics the USDA and FDA procedures for food safety testing. Our experts can test your product for dangerous bacteria such as E. coli, and Salmonella and ensure total bacterial counts, yeast counts, and mold counts are below the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission established thresholds.

Microbes we detect: E. coli (pathogenic strains), Salmonella spp., S. aureus, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus terreus, C. botulinum, L. monocytogenes, P. aeruginosa, total yeast and mold count, total viable aerobic bacteria count, total coliforms, bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria count, Hop latent viroid, Lettuce Chlorosis virus, and Cannabis Cryptic virus

Sample Size: 

  • 1 gram
Instruments Used:
  •  Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and Petrifilm

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