Expert guidance is required to ensure the polymer materials that are selected for sealing applications are fit for purpose. Smithers’ polymer consultants work in tandem with your development processes, right from the earliest design and material selection stages all the way to product launch and beyond.

With Smithers’ significant experience working with elastomer/rubber materials, we know that choosing the right materials for sealing applications can be challenging – with an incorrect decision potentially causing significant damage, costs and a loss of revenue.

Key considerations for seal material selection include:
  • Production feasibility
  • Material/supplier availability
  • Correct compound usage
  • Reliable performance in end-use environment
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Lifespan and long-term properties
  • Cost

How Smithers supports with seal material selection

Smithers’ polymer consultants can work with you to ensure that optimal performance is achieved for the scenarios that your seals, O-rings and gaskets will face.

Our team can assess the application you are trying to seal, and provide you with appropriate materials and product suggestions that will be right for your business. This includes raw polymer materials, compound formulations and suitable suppliers.

Polymer training courses

Smithers rubber experts provide in-person and online training courses as well as bespoke in-company training to help you and your team gain a deeper understanding of polymer materials.
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