The turn of the century saw another period of rapid growth begin for Smithers. In 2002, Smithers entered the environmental risk sciences industry with the acquisition of the Springborn Laboratories located in Massachusetts. The Environmental Risk Sciences division expanded globally into the United Kingdom when Smithers acquired a laboratory in Harrogate in 2012.

Not long after entering the environmental risk sciences industry, Smithers further grew its presence overseas with the acquisitions of RAPRA (Rubber and Plastics Research Association) and PIRA (Printing Industry Research Association), allowing the company to reach the UK and European markets by providing analytical, testing, research, information, consulting, and events services to the rubberplasticspackagingpaper, and print industries.

Recent years have proven to be more of the same for Smithers. Growth continues at a steady rate, with the entrance into new industries and markets around the globe. Since 2010, Smithers has opened new facilities in Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, the UK, China, Italy, and the Netherlands respectively. These facilities marked expansion to the events, medical device testingpharmaceuticaldry commoditiescannabis testingenvironmental risk sciencesquality assessments, and automotive testing industries for Smithers.

Vernon L. Smithers operated his company by holding true to a simple, yet effective, mantra that still guides Smithers today; “If you are not certain it is right, don’t report it.” While Smithers has evolved greatly from a Tire Analysis Report company located in a small Akron garage and grown into a global source of testing, consulting, information, and compliance services our understanding of the importance of being able to innovate with confidence has remained constant. Smithers has never missed publishing any of the monthly tire reports that began in that garage in 1925, living true to providing accurate data, on time, with high touch nearly 100 years later across numerous industries.
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