The Future of Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2024

The global market for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) will grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2019 to 2024. This is an increase on TPE’s 2014–18 CAGR of 5.8%.The major driving force is the global automotive industry, particularly electrically driven vehicles, sales of which are growing at double-digit CAGRs.

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Our exclusive content: 

  • Quantitative data on the thermoplastic elastomer market segmented by type, end use and geographic region 
  • In-depth analysis of key drivers and trends shaping the industry and an overview of the competitive landscape 
  • Comprehensive review of cutting-edge technology developments and their applications   

What methodology is used? 

The Future of Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2024 is based on a combination of in-depth primary and secondary research. The primary research involved interviews with industry personnel across the value chain, including leading suppliers, manufacturers and end users, and was further supplemented by discussions with industry influencers. Secondary research was founded on an extensive literature review of market and company reports, magazines and journal abstracts, trends, and market information, providing a unique depth of information and analysis. 

What will you discover? 

  • Quantitative market information and forecasts for the global thermoplastic elastomers industry, segmented by type, end use and geographic region 
  • Expert analysis of the key technological, demographic, economic and regulatory factors driving growth in thermoplastic elastomers to 2024 
  • Comprehensive overview of the latest technology developments and applications having significant impact on the industry. 

Who should buy this report? 

  • Individuals working in the appliances and housewares, automotive, building and construction, footwear, medical and packaging industries 
  • Compounders, producers, suppliers, end-users 
  • Thermoplastic elastomers processing and testing 
  • Industry consultants and analysts.  

Name The Future of Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2024

Date 2/12/2019

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