The Future of Medical Elastomers to 2025

The global market for medical elastomers is estimated to have been 723.5 thousand tonnes in 2015. It is forecast to be around 1,284.4 thousand tonnes in 2025, having grown at a compound average growth rate of 5.9%.

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Our exclusive content:

• Exclusive market sizes and 5-year forecasts for the medical elastomer market
• Expert analysis of the emerging markets in medical elastomer production
• Over 100 data tables and figures giving an unparalleled level of strategic insight into the medical elastomer market.

The Smithers methodology

This report is based on an original investigation combining both primary and secondary research, targeted specifically at the medical elastomers sector. Primary research involved confidential telephone interviews with informed sources at key points across the global value chain.

This was combined with a comprehensive secondary research programme, industry trade associations, company websites, research studies, conference papers and articles in specialist industry journals.

What will you discover?

• The key drivers and trends which are driving the medical elastomer market and where these developments will continue
• Current and forecast regulatory changes which will change the face of the industry
• What key product and process technologies are driving the growth of the medical elastomer market.

Who should buy the report?

• Natural and synthetic rubber and polymer suppliers
• Elastomer producers and users
• Elastomer processing and testing equipment suppliers
• Rubber and polymer additive suppliers
• Consultants and analysts.
The Future of Medical Elastomers to 2025

Name The Future of Medical Elastomers to 2025

Date 3/20/2020

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