Introduction to Silicone Elastomers

Shropshire, UK


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The properties and processing of silicone elastomers are often very different from other elastomers. This course provides an overview of the main types of silicone elastomer currently available and compares their chemical structure, manufacturers, grades, properties, compounding, processing and applications. It also explores silicone rubber in the context of other commercial polymers.

Enough basic polymer science is included to understand these topics, and extensive use will be made of samples and other visual aids to assist. 

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Learning outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the chemistry and properties of silicone elastomers
  • Discover the main types of silicone elastomers, and understand their uses
  • Gain knowledge on aspects of processing from compounding to moulding, extrusion and curing
  • Be able to communicate more effectively with suppliers and customers

Course content

  • Introduction to the major types of Silicone Elastomers:  (HVs, RTVs, LSRs)
  • Modifications to basic MQ (VMQ, PMQ, PVMQ, FMQ, FVMQ), structure and properties
  • Compounding and additives
  • Processing (moulding, extrusion, coating, fabrication, curing), concentrating on aspects peculiar to silicone elastomers
  • Commercial materials and grades
  • Applications
  • Future potential

Who will benefit?

  • Product designers; engineers; quality assurance; technical support; sales/marketing personnel
  • Material suppliers; processors and manufacturers of finished and semi-finished products/components
  • Anyone with an interest in Silicone Elastomers wishing to gain a better understanding of the material

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What our delegates say

"Very worthwhile use of a day"
Michael Carter (Vulcan)

"Very comprehensive and knowledgeable but pitched well to audience, excellent introduction to Silicone Elastomers"
Andrew Sapsford (Bespak)

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Introduction to Silicone Elastomers

Length 1 day