Author Bob Brothers discusses outlook for dye sublimation industry

Author Bob Brothers discusses outlook for dye sublimation industry

We spoke with Bob Brothers, author of our latest printing report, The Future of Dye Sublimation to 2027, about the major trends and general outlook for the industry.

Bob has an extensive portfolio of hands-on experience in market research, market development, and new business creation with global manufacturing giants, and as an independent consultant. Under Bob’s leadership, the independent consultancy Marketing Intelligence & Strategy Associates plans and executes complex market research programmes, formulating valuable insights, and collaborating with business leaders.

Q: What do you see as the major trends affecting the global dye sublimation printing market at the moment?
Dye sub printing markets to recover from the Covid-caused contraction of approx -7% in 2020-2021, and to resume strong growth trends. Strong demand will continue to derive AGRs greater than 10% per year, 2022-2027, and supply chain restructuring will reduce costs and delivery uncertainties. The increased use of digital printing enables just-in-time manufacturing to shorten supply chains and delivery times, reducing inventory losses and carrying costs. The industry is anticipating evolutionary improvements in print line speeds, print quality and significant process integration over the coming years.

Q: What do you see as future challenges?
Vulnerabilities revealed during the Covid-19 pandemic have prompted the industry to begin diversifying supply chains. Dye sublimation print providers and their customers are developing ‘re-shoring’ business models which bring product manufacturing and printing operations closer, in geography and time, to the brand owner and retail shelf. Coordinating these activities with value chain partners could prove to be a challenge for the industry. Significant development effort is also focused upon improving direct-to-fabric / direct-to-garment dye sublimation printing processes. 

Q: What can readers expect from this latest report?
This newest edition of The Future of Dye Sublimation Printing provides current (2022) global and regional marketplace and end use segment data, along with market forecasts to 2027.  It discusses important developments in dye sub printing technologies, innovations in applications and trends in end user preferences and requirements. Dye sub equipment manufacturers and systems suppliers will continue to focus upon providing greater economy and reliability, through greater line speeds and broader printing process automation. 

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