Accelerate your development timeline with combined testing

Accelerate your development timeline with combined testing

In this presentation, Nils Rawert discusses how Smithers can support with getting your products to market with what we like to call a 'One-Stop-Shop' of services. From concept to launch, we are able to offer tailored services to ensure you have confidence in your materials and products across automotive, aerospace and industrial industries. By harnessing all of the shared talent and knowledge of our experts, a combined testing approach can lead to significantly faster development, and ultimately better products. Watch Nils' presentation below, and download a copy of the presentation below so you can view it in your own time.

With chemical analysis testing, material assessments, final product testing and consultancy support to enhance production processes, our experts collaborate to ensure you can meet your deadlines, detect any problems quickly and make the best products.

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Download a high-res version of the presentation:


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