Why Smithers Takes a Consultancy-led Medical Device Testing Approach

Why Smithers Takes a Consultancy-led Medical Device Testing Approach

If you are not completely sure what type of medical device testing you require, our experts are available to guide you through a program of work which will help you achieve what you need in the most efficient and effective way. 

We find that by talking to our clients, listening to problems and learning from experiences, we can provide a wide range of solutions to satisfy your requirements. 

There are many complex options when it comes to medical device and pharmaceutical product testing; especially with extractables and leachables. In order to keep costs down and projects efficient, we consult with you in order to ensure you only run the tests that you need to do. 

What are the benefits of developing a testing program?

When testing to high-level regulatory standards, there are vast amounts of tests and measures available to run. Through discussions, we can quickly ensure only relevant work is carried out, ensuring that the test programs we develop are of most value to you, hence their individual bespoke nature.

Each program has a dedicated project manager who provides regular progress updates and communication. Their detail-orientated approach leads to an efficient pipeline of work and easily guides you through each step of the process.

Why Smithers?

Our consultancy-led approach also allows us work with you at any stage of your product journey, whether you have a brand new product or component with no testing carried out previously, or you have garnered some partial testing that requires a gap analysis to be conducted to define what still needs to be done. We can also review results that Smithers has not generated from a consultancy perspective, and work with you to complete the next steps that need to be taken. 

Our expertise allows us to identify things that may not have been noticed before, or areas that need to be explored further. Smithers has a deep knowledge of the regulatory standards clients will be looking to meet.

Through discussions and identifying various requirements, we are able to build test methods unique to your product and materials, fully exploring regulatory standards as well as identifying key areas outside of these.

In our experience in working with many different clients, we find you will always maximise the potential of testing when you outsource with a testing provider. Not only will you get more immediate knowledge and experience working alongside a partner, we find that the depth and quality of work is more efficiently carried out and more information can be input into each developed product.

If you are able to involve us in your project pathway as early as possible, the project will be fundamentally improved.

While some clients just want results, we realise that many want to be involved and aware of what is going on. Our team are happy to meet with you at any stage of the project to provide updates on the program, providing invaluable insight and expertise throughout.

Contact our experts today to discuss your testing requirements.

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