SETAC Presentation: Avian Oral Acute Toxicity Studies

SETAC Presentation: Avian Oral Acute Toxicity Studies

A common observation in avian oral acute studies (OCSPP 850.2100 and OECD 233) is reduced food consumption following administration of the test material. 

Kelley Stanfield, Manager, Avian Toxicology, developed and ran a feed reduction study to analyze the effects of food limitation, and then used the data combined with archived finalized data from the last 5 years of oral acute northern bobwhite studies to evaluate the relationship between reduced food consumption, body weight change and abnormal behaviors in experimentally dosed birds.

The analysis shows that the reduction in feed intake alone is not the cause of mortality in birds within seven days of dosing.

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Use of Historical Data to Aid Interpretation of Abnormal Behaviors Observed in Conjunction with Body Mass Loss in Avian Oral Acute Toxicity Studies
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