How poor packaging can affect your business

How poor packaging can affect your business

Packaging isn’t just about product protection; in recent years, consumer expectations have evolved and there’s a greater demand for manufacturers to make good packaging decisions – such as the use of recycled materials, or minimizing waste.

Product damage

The most obvious side-effect of poor packaging is product damage; if either the primary packaging or secondary packaging is not durable enough to withstand the conditions faced on along the supply chain, then it is likely that the product will reach its destination in a sub-optimal condition. This can be costly for the manufacturer, who may have to fund compensation, refunds or discount the product in order to sell it.

Packaging damage

Damage to the packaging can also have a detrimental effect – in a recent Smithers survey, 58% of consumers stated that packaging damage would deter them from buying a product. This demonstrates how poor packaging choices can increase the risk of loss of sales.

Brand reputation

Alongside the financial cost of product or packaging damage – either through loss of sales, refunds, discounts or compensation – brand reputation can also be damaged by poor packaging decisions. This is particularly likely for luxury products, where consumers have higher quality expectations for the packaging (and product) due to the premium price paid. Flimsy or ill-conceived packaging could deter consumers from making a repeat purchase or recommending the brand to others.


Manufacturers need to be aware of consumer expectations when it comes to packaging design, quality and branding. In a competitive market, the brand and packaging of your product can have an enormous impact on whether your product is chosen or not.

Smithers provide a comprehensive range of packaging testing services, enabling companies to make effective packaging decisions – helping to reduce packaging and product damage and save money. Our laboratories are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025, and ISTA certified.

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