Intelligent Tires market to grow to 414 million units worldwide by 2025

Intelligent Tires market to grow to 414 million units worldwide by 2025
A major study from Smithers The Future of Intelligent Tires to 2025 predicts a growth rate of 92.5% over the period 2017–2025. This growth will help intelligent tires ramp up to a level of nearly 15% of total global tires by 2025. The report shows growth will be significantly higher in market segments such as passenger cars and in OE tires, which is where they will first appear and have the most impact during the first part of the forecast period.

Graph Overall vs intelligent tire growth by selected periods

Commercialization of TPMS – tire pressure monitoring systems – represents a step in the direction of tire intelligence, although it is only a sensing system, and measures only pressure. To be intelligent, a tire needs to go beyond this in three ways. First, it must not only sense, it must also be able to respond or cause some other system in the vehicle to respond. Second, it will cover not only pressure, but a potential range of other attributes like temperature, load, wear/tread depth, friction, and pavement type. Third, the sensor location(s) will no longer be on the rim or valve stem, but in the tire, attached by the tire maker to the inner liner, or embedded in the tire itself.

The report outlines many determinants of growth factors that will promote or hinder uptake of intelligent tires. So much new technology and cost is already going into today’s new cars. Intelligent tire pricing, which exceeds the cost to equip a vehicle with direct TPMS, might limit the technology to more expensive vehicle niches. Similarly, with lower cost TPMS systems widely available, motorists needing to replace conventional tires may find the intelligent options too expensive. A more positive factor is the complementary technologies of intelligent vehicles; intelligent transportation networks, connected cars and autonomous vehicles. This is where the true revolutionary impact of the intelligent tire might be felt and, if all goes well, these technologies will evolve symbiotically over the coming decades.

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