Webinar: Winter Tire Traction Test Methods and Requirements

Webinar: Winter Tire Traction Test Methods and Requirements

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Webinar first run 11 Decemnber 2014.

"Winter Tire Traction Test Methods and Requirements - An Expert Overview"

Presented by Jim McIntyre and Sean Connolly

Winter tire testing experts explore the key winter traction standards in North America and Europe and the test methods used to verify tires to them. He explains how the requirements, test methods and markings vary from region to region adding complexity to the process.

The webinar covers:

  • North American Mountain Snowflake Standard & UNECE Regulation 117 implemented through European regulation EC 661/2009
    • What conditions are required?
    • How is the test conducted?
    • What are the main differences?
  • Other considerations for winter braking and traction testing
  • Smithers Winter Testing Facility overview

Learn more about Smithers winter testing and whole tire testing capabilities. 

Webinar - Winter Traction

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