The cold soak freezers are large enough to accommodate two vehicles at a time, including: Clients can start vehicles inside the freezers, drive directly onto the track, and immediately attempt acceleration and braking maneuvers. Freezer specifications include:
  • Temperatures to -40 F (-40 C)
  • 10' 6" tall by 9' 3" wide door
  • Inside dimensions - 11' 3" tall by 12' 9" wide by 36’6” in length
  • Accommodates 2 standard vehicles
  • Level 2 chargers inside and 110v outlets

Cold Testing Applications

Automotive cold soak testing — also called chill testing or freezer testing — is an effective means for assessing extreme cold temperature performance of:
  • Electric vehicle batteries and specialty components
  • Mechanical components
  • Automotive fluids
  • Tires, especially cold temperature properties such as flat spotting and brittleness
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Cold Soak Testing

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