Smithers provides GLP-compliant residue chemistry studies for global registration and environmental monitoring needs. Our expert team has experience in analyzing all major plant matrices. Smithers delivers timely, cost-effective sample processing and analysis capabilities. We coordinate and conduct field trials in growing regions across North America and Europe with samples processed and analyzed at our laboratories in the UK and USA.

We test all modalities of crop protection products, and our responsive team manages studies from initiation to submission to ensure on-time delivery. Our analytical chemists have expertise in method development and method validation, and can design easily customized multi-residue testing programs for parent compound and metabolites.

Capabilities include
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Field dissipation
  • Field trials in collaboration with field contractors
  • Decline of residue (DEC), magnitude of residue at harvest (MOR), groundwater and surface water studies
  • Dislodgeable foliar residue studies
  • Magnitude of plant residues
  • Maximum residue limits (MRL) / Import tolerance
  • Independent laboratory validations (ILV)
  • Human food compliance and residue analysis
  • Storage stability/product shelf life
  • Aged samples originating from 14C-metabolism, field or dissipation (soil, sediment or water) studies
  • Modelling kinetic data—generated from metabolism studies and environmental fate evaluations 
  • Degradation pathways
  • Storage stability testing of residue samples
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