Since November 2018 all new active ingredients and actives due for renewal must have endocrine activity evaluated for registration in Europe.

Smithers is a leading laboratory for in vivo testing to evaluate endocrine disruption. As a premier provider first for the EDSP Tier 1 programme and now for the EFSA endocrine disruptor requirements, Smithers is the lab of choice for the evaluation of pesticides to meet the new EU guidance from EFSA.

For androgen and estrogen endpoints, the FSDT (OECD 234), FSTRA (OECD 229), 21-Day (OECD 230), MEOGRT (OECD 240) are available. Thyroid activity can be assessed with the AMA (OECD 231) and LAGDA (OECD 241). All tests can be conducted to EU regulations under OECD and / or US EPA requirements (OCSPP).

The Harrogate and Wareham facilities have performed these studies as standalone designs or as combinations of the established OECD test guidelines to meet specific requirements. Smithers understands that each compound is unique, and endocrine disruptor testing is tailored to generate the endpoints relevant for the customized risk assessment.
  • Androgenized Female Stickleback Screen - OECD 140
  • Avian Reproduction Assay - OECD 206
  • Fish Short-Term Reproductive Screening Assay - OECD 229
  • 21-day Fish Assay - OECD 230
  • Amphibian Metamorphosis Assay - OECD 231
  • Medaka Extended One-Generation Reproduction Test (MEOGRT) - OECD 240
  • Larval Amphibian Growth & Development Assay - OECD 241
  • Fish life cycle toxicity (draft) - OCSPP 850.1500

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