Tony Lord

Principal Chemist in United Kingdom specialising in Food Packaging Investigations and Chemical Analysis

Tony Lord is a Principal Analytical Chemist at Smithers. His work is concerned with non routine chemical analysis and technical consultancy in support of client investigations, problem solving, bespoke research and litigation. He has more than 16 years of experience in the role of an expert witness and is familiar with the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules and has experience of giving scientific opinion in court. He has received individual training in the role of an expert witness from barristers from the Bond Solon legal Training Company. Tony also specialises in the investigation of taint transfer from packaging into foods. He is familiar with EU legislation relevant to food packaging.

Expertise: Food Contact Testing

Tony has more than 27 years of experience as an analytical chemist with 22 years of experience in the specialised area of migration measurement of substances from packaging into food.

He has experience of managing EU and UK government projects such as the EU measurement and testing program “Certified Reference Plastics for Overall Migration Testing” and a Food Standards Agency project “Screening Tests for Visible and Non-Visible Set Off” From printing inks. Other publications include Report EUR 18289 EN, “Migration from Shrink Sleeves”, FSA Report A03048, “Packaging Materials as a Source of Taint”, Taints and Off Flavours in Food, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, “Food and Nutritional Analysis Packaging Materials”, Elsevier Reference Module in Chemistry Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering (2014) and “Non-visible print set off of photoinitiators in food packaging: detection by ambient ionization mass spectrometry”, Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A February 2013. Tony also has also managed single and multi client sponsored research projects at Smithers.

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