Christine Domer

With over 30 years of experience in the tire and rubber industries covering raw material engineering, compounding, reinforcements and processing in both tire and non-tire applications, Christine brings a wealth of chemistry and material engineering expertise. In her position, she is a Technical Advisor for the chemistry and physical testing laboratories in Akron, Ohio as well as the tire analysis report service offering. 

Expertise: Rubber Material Compounding & Chemistry

Domer’s key areas of specialty include:
  • Compounding Raw Materials: Accelerators & Curatives (traditional sulfur systems, ev, semi-evi, peroxide systems), RFL technology & mechanisms, polymers (NR, SBR’s, BR’s, EPDM’s, Nitriles, Butyls, Halobutyls, Epichlorhydrins, polybutenes, PVC’s, PU’s, PE’s, various liquid polymers),  Epoxy’s, Iso cyanates, Carbon blacks and various mineral and non-black fillers, various resins, adhesion promoters, specialty chemicals (various process aids, colorants, fire retardants, anti-degradants, waxes and age resistors, adhesion promoters and recycled materials.
  • Reinforcements: Steel Cord, Beadwire, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, Aramid, Fiberglas and Hybrids, and some non-woven as well as adhesive technologies, tire cord converting and epoxy/Isocyane/RFL dip mixing & treating expertise. Polyester Fibers and cords and treated fabrics.
  • Compounding/Formulating: All tire component compounds – white, black and colored sidewalls, innerliners, bead fillers, steel & fabric skims, specialty skims, treads, under treads, tire sealant formulating and processing. Automotive parts including shim, shields, stripping, wipers, hoses and floor mats, specialty industrial matting & flooring, color compounding & matching.
  • Processing: Mixing (Banbury & Mill compound mixing, sealant mixing), extrusion (treads, SW’s, innerliner, steelastic, beadfillers, hose), calendaring (for steel, fabric, innerliner, matting, flooring) , injection molding (wipers, spider molds, flow studies), Finite Element testing & cure kinetics and modeling, thermocoupling, autoclave curing, tire curing, thermoforming, specialty compression molding.
  • Quality Management Systems & Training: SPC, Juran, TQM, PDCA, Taguchi/DOE, Six Sigma Green Belt, QS9000, ISO9000, TS16949

Qualifications and Professional Accreditation

Domer has held multiple product development engineering and technical director positions at Hailide Americas, Bridgestone Americas and Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. She’s also served as the President of the Industrial Society of Fabric Manufacturers and holds 4 US Patents. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Akron.

Christine has delivered a number of technical presentations. Download her past webinars:
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