Smithers was founded in Akron during the emergence and development of the global tire industry. Our rubber expertise runs deep. From compounding to raw material qualification to physical testing and end product validation, we support a wide range of standard and custom protocols for a myriad of rubber products. 

Depending on the product, there are many variables that must be considered when making formulation and design choices. These variables can be broken down into two categories:

Product Application

  • Outdoor or indoor
  • Dynamic or static
  • Temperature range
  • Chemical or fluid exposure
  • Color/white/black
  • Expected life
  • Current materials
  • Cost constraints

Process Constraints

  • Mixing
  • Extrusion
  • Calendaring
  • Curing method
  • Shelf life or storage conditions
  • Physical property and performance requirements
  • Part dimensions, other substrates, reinforcements
  • Density and weight constraints
  • Current specifications or line call outs
Our laboratories can assist you with material chemistry, physical property testing, component validation, and consulting support during the product development process. In addition, our quality team can provide audits and manufacturing site accreditations to maintain the product quality that your customers come to expect. 
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